Android POS V12

How to use

To Login in APP, Odoo v12 instance should be running.
User can Login in APP with his Odoo URL, Username, Password and Database.

Login Page

User can view List of Customers here.
User can switch Between Kanban and List view.
User can Create new Customer from Here.

Customers Page

User can view List of Products here.
User can switch Between Kanban and List view.
User can Create new Products from Here.


All POS Session will be Loaded Here. User can create, Open, Resume and Close the Session.
While Opening Session User can Enter Opening Balance.
While Closing Session User can Enter Session Balance.
User can view Balance details as well while Closing the Session.

Closing Balance


Here User can view orders created by him.

POS Orders

Here user can create order by selecting Customer, Products.
User can return products within same order. user can use Mobile camera to Scan Products.
User can give discount and taxes on Products as well.

Create New Order

User can view order Details on this page
This page is displaying many order related information Like Order ref, Order Date, Status, Session Customer and Product Details.
from this page User can Add Discount as well.
User can Print order details from this page as well.

Order Details

From this page User can Make Payment for the orders.
This page Displaying payment related information Like, Paid Amount, Total Amount , Remaining Amount.
User can Select Payment Method to make payment. Payment Methods are available based on Server configuration.
after successfull payment user can print Receipt using Bluetooth Printer.

Payment of Order

Active Session -Today’s Orders, Total Orders, Total Sales, Today’s Sales, Total Sold Products, Today’s Top staff, Top Hours Today, Average Customer spending, Average Customer visit

Pos Dashboard

POS Internal Stock Transfer

Click here to download the module

How to use

First we have to configure ‘Warehouses and Locations usage level’ as following in below image.

Inventory Settings

Enable “Internal Transfer stock” as following.

POS Config

By “Internal Transfer” button can start to transfer products stock source location to destination location.

Internal Stock Transfer Popup

After create internal transfer it will display reference of this record.

Confirmation Popup

Validated internal transfer Details in done state

Stock Transfer Done

POS Backend Dashboard

Click here to download the module

How to use

Click on the POS Dashboard in Point of Sale Menu to Open.

POS Backend Dashboard

Here, user can see sales according to different filter like Today, Monthly or Yearly.
This display Salesperson name who sold highest today, Hours in which highest sales
Average Customer Spending and Visit as per last 30 days.

POS Today’s Sales Report
POS Monthly Sales
POS Yearly Sales Report

Payment Information According to Various Accounting Journal.

POS Payment by Journal

Top Customer, Top Salesman and Employee Information.

Top Customer, Top Salesman and Employee Information

Top Items by Sales and Product Category Information with respect to This Week, This Month, This Year with filter of Price and Quantity.

Top Items Categories by Sales

Weekly Sales Detail according to Month and their respective Weeks.

POS Weekly Sales Report

Daily Gross Sales comparison of Today sales with last 7th day date sales.

POS Daily Gross Sales

Weekly Gross Sales comparison of This week With last week sales.

POS Weekly Compare Sales

Odoo CyberSource Payment Gateway

Click here to download the module


  • Ability to transact payments in over 190 countries and territories
    and fund in over 40 currencies
  • Acceptance of universal cards, regional cards, and local payment
    types to maximize sales
  • Connections to approximately 100 acquirers/processors worldwide
  • Unparalleled processing scalability and security

How to use

Cybersource Credentials: Take Merchant ID, Cybersource Secret Key and put into CyberSource Payment Acquire in Odoo.

Acquire Form

User can manage the order flow from here.

Order Flow

Select Cybersource from payment methods and enter credit card detail here.

Payment Form

User can see confirm order detail here

Confirm Sales Order

Sale order has been confirm and create invoice and transaction entry

Sale Order

Invoice has been created

Invoice View

Payment transaction has been created with reference data

Transaction View

POS Customer Order Screen

Let’s see the video

Click here to download the module

  • Send order to proxy device.
  • User can set properties of screen.
  • Customers can see their order on the screen with it’s status.


  • In module, “”. Extract it and put it in order to
    receive data, you have to install on your proxy device. Proxy Device = POSBox

How to use

  • Configuration of customer screen.
  • Set proxy ip of devices.
  • You can set screen background,font family, spacing, slide interval, total order
    and screen type.
  • You can set height, width, color, font size and background color of order block
    and it’s title.
  • Select Whether you want to show order summary or details.

  • After setting configuration set url /point_of_sale/customer/screen.
POS First Order
POS First Order

  • Now set url /point_of_sale/customer/screen on browser.
  • This module will send order data to this url.
  • In order to receive data, you have to install hw_customer_order_screen module
    on your proxy device.
  • Below image shows orders when screen type is details.
POS Order Screen
POS Order Screen

  • Place second order and change state which effect will be shown in customer order screen.
  • POS Order 2
    POS Order 2

    POS Change State
    POS Change State

  • Here, order line color will be shown according to it’s state and order will blink when state is delivering.
  • POS Customer Screen
    POS Customer Screen

  • Below image shows orders when screen type is summary.
  • POS Order Summary
    POS Order Summary

    Odoo POS Customer Screen

    Click here to download the module

    Configuration of Customer Screen.

    Customer Display Configuration
    Customer Display Configuration

    POS Screen.

    POS Screen
    POS Screen

    Here we can see POS Customer Screen.

    POS Customer Screen
    POS Customer Screen