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Odoo 8 Point of sale – Send E-Receipt to customer

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Are you finding a feature like Odoo POS send email to customer ?
We have created feature that allows to send E-Receipt from POS.

Lets check how it is working.
We have to enable this option `Prefer E-Receipt` in customer form.

Odoo Customer E-Receipt Configuration
Odoo Customer E-Receipt Configuration

To send receipt by email we need to enable this feature in POS Configuration form also.

Odoo POS E-Receipt Configuration
Odoo POS E-Receipt Configuration

Here, we can see this two feature that allow us to send email as well as update email for customer.

Allow to send e-receipt from POS
Allow to send e-receipt from POS

Once we click on `validate` button, then POS Order will be created and email address will be also updated in customer form.

Odoo customer updated email from POS
Odoo customer updated email from POS

At the same time, email will be sent.

Sent mail from Odoo POS
Sent mail from Odoo POS

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How to send email while converting lead into opportunity in OpenERP?

Before few days, I posted a topic for “Email configuration using SMTP in OpenERP“. Today with the help of that feature, my next topic is, “How to send an email while converting leads into opportunities ?”

I have created a video which will be helpful for anyone.

Feel free to share your views.

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How to configure SMTP in OpenERP ?

I am writing this blog because when I got any questions in my mind I simply search it on google. I guess its usual thing that we all are taking help of our best friend Google, when we are in trouble.

So I thought to share with everyone and thinking that it might be helpful for other too. Because same problem can occur with any one.

So lets have a look at the video which will show you:
How to configure SMTP in OpenERP ?
How to Send Mail in OpenERP ?

OpenERP is a huge product and its not easy to cover everything by this kind of videos but I am trying my best to cover most important parts.

Feel free to ask for any queries if you have.