Android POS Dashboard V12

How to use

User can login with Odoo Url, username, password and Odoo V12 database.

Login Page

User can see various details like sale, sold products, orders, active sessions, salesperson name who sold highest today, hours in which highest sales, average customer spending and visit as per last 30 days.

Home Page

User can see customer’s ratio about orders with new customer, orders with existing customer and orders without customer.

Customer Ratio

User can see top 10 customer’s no. of orders and sales details.

Top 10 Customer

User can see top 10 salesman’s no. of orders and sales details.

Sale by Salesman

User can see top 5 products by quantity.

Products by Quantity

User can see top 5 products by amount.

Top 5 Products by Amount

User can see top 5 categories by quantity.

Categories by Quantity

User can see top 5 categories by amount.

Top 5 Categories by Amount

User can see monthly sales report.

Monthly Sale

User can see yearly sales report.

Yearly Sale

User can see sales and order details according it’s status.

Sales by Status

User can see hourly comparison of today and last 7th day of week.

Hourly Sale Comparison

User can see hourly sale by today or selected date.

Hourly Sale

User can see weekly sales comparison of current week with last week.

Weekly Sales Comparison

User can see sales and order details of current week by weekdays.

Weekly Sales Report

User can see payment information according to various accounting journal.

Payments by Journals


POS Internal Stock Transfer

Click here to download the module

How to use

First we have to configure ‘Warehouses and Locations usage level’ as following in below image.

Inventory Settings

Enable “Internal Transfer stock” as following.

POS Config

By “Internal Transfer” button can start to transfer products stock source location to destination location.

Internal Stock Transfer Popup

After create internal transfer it will display reference of this record.

Confirmation Popup

Validated internal transfer Details in done state

Stock Transfer Done

POS For Spa and Salon with Responsive Design

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Let’s see the video


  • Order/line Note
  • Multi Branch
  • E-Receipt
  • Rounding
  • Order Screen
  • Quick Cash Payment
  • Product Screen
  • Product Brand
  • Pricelist Extension
  • Current Screen Lock
  • Show Cart Details
  • Draft Order
  • Out of Stock
  • Product Synchronization
  • Operations on Order
  • Extended Sale Order Operations
  • Assign Sales Person
  • Theme
  • POS Fast Load
  • Customer Screen
  • Money In/Out From Cash Drawer
  • Print Last Receipt
  • Product Return
  • Membership
  • Promotion
  • Loyalty Points
  • Gift Card
  • Gift Voucher
  • Card Charges
  • Wallet Management
  • Broadcast Messages
  • Multi Terminal Lock
  • Session Close
  • Beautician Commission
    (Based on Product Category or Product Variant)
  • Assign Beautician and Time for Walk in Customer
  • Sales Dashboard


  • POS Graph View Report
  • Today Sale Report
  • X-Report
  • Z-Report
  • Sales Summary
  • Orders Summary
  • Products Summary
  • Payment Summary
  • Session & Inventory Audit Report
  • Beautician Summary

How to use

Login Screen (User Name And Security PIN)

Login Screen

Home Screen

Home Screen

Book Order

Book Order

Payment Screen

Payment Screen

Product Screen

Package Screen

Package Screen

Cart Details

Cart Details

Product Screen

Product Screen

Customer Display

Customer Display

POS Backend Dashboard

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How to use

Click on the POS Dashboard in Point of Sale Menu to Open.

POS Backend Dashboard

Here, user can see sales according to different filter like Today, Monthly or Yearly.
This display Salesperson name who sold highest today, Hours in which highest sales
Average Customer Spending and Visit as per last 30 days.

POS Today’s Sales Report
POS Monthly Sales
POS Yearly Sales Report

Payment Information According to Various Accounting Journal.

POS Payment by Journal

Top Customer, Top Salesman and Employee Information.

Top Customer, Top Salesman and Employee Information

Top Items by Sales and Product Category Information with respect to This Week, This Month, This Year with filter of Price and Quantity.

Top Items Categories by Sales

Weekly Sales Detail according to Month and their respective Weeks.

POS Weekly Sales Report

Daily Gross Sales comparison of Today sales with last 7th day date sales.

POS Daily Gross Sales

Weekly Gross Sales comparison of This week With last week sales.

POS Weekly Compare Sales

POS Sales Dashboard

Click here to download the module


  • This module allow to analyze pos sales details based on various aspect.
  • User friendly graphical as well tabular data representation.
  • User can easily get information about total number of orders, total sales
    amount,active/closed sessions at the very first view of dashboard.
  • Analysis based on payment methods.
  • User can check hourly sale as well month days sales and 12 month sales
    amount of pos orders.
  • Pie chart and tabular format of top 50 products of the day based on
    date range.
  • Analysis based Incomming customer type like customer is Exsting/New who
    purchased orders with us and how much order are created without customer
    means with guest customer.
  • POS sales data based on cashier how much order they created and how much
    amount of order they have sale.

How to use

For active this feature in point of sale, User need to enable this configuration
as shown in screenshot.

POS Configuration Sale Dashboard

After enable configuaration button will display, By click on this button user
can go to dashboard screen.

POS Dashboard Button
POS Payment Information
Today Hourly Sale
Current Month Sale
Yearly Sale
Top Fifty Products
Sales Based on Customer

Sales by Cashier

POS Partial Payment with Reorder, Reprint order

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  • This module use mainly to do the partial payment for pos orders.
  • For example: Let say customer comes to the shop and he purchase
    order total $200,but if he want to pay only $100 as half payment and
    remaining due amounts pay to next day.
  • As well as user can view past pos orders, reorder the particular
    drafted order and make a order as draft from POS. It is also possible
    to re-print receipt and view products of order from pos order list.
    There are some filtration based on state, date of order and also
    searching functionality.

How to use

POS Order
POS Partial Payment Screen
Partial Pay Receipt
Unpaid Orders
Client Payment History
Payment for Partial Pay
Full Pay Receipt of Unpaid Order
Paid Orders
Unpaid Orders Forward to Next Session
Session closed
Unpaid Orders Assign to Next Session

POS Customer Order Screen

Let’s see the video

Click here to download the module

  • Send order to proxy device.
  • User can set properties of screen.
  • Customers can see their order on the screen with it’s status.


  • In module, “”. Extract it and put it in order to
    receive data, you have to install on your proxy device. Proxy Device = POSBox

How to use

  • Configuration of customer screen.
  • Set proxy ip of devices.
  • You can set screen background,font family, spacing, slide interval, total order
    and screen type.
  • You can set height, width, color, font size and background color of order block
    and it’s title.
  • Select Whether you want to show order summary or details.

  • After setting configuration set url /point_of_sale/customer/screen.
POS First Order
POS First Order

  • Now set url /point_of_sale/customer/screen on browser.
  • This module will send order data to this url.
  • In order to receive data, you have to install hw_customer_order_screen module
    on your proxy device.
  • Below image shows orders when screen type is details.
POS Order Screen
POS Order Screen

  • Place second order and change state which effect will be shown in customer order screen.
  • POS Order 2
    POS Order 2

    POS Change State
    POS Change State

  • Here, order line color will be shown according to it’s state and order will blink when state is delivering.
  • POS Customer Screen
    POS Customer Screen

  • Below image shows orders when screen type is summary.
  • POS Order Summary
    POS Order Summary