Odoo User Authentication with Fingerprint

Odoo User Authentication with Fingerprint

Odoo – Dynamic Page and Label Report

Odoo stock purchase analysis

We have implemented a module “Dynamic Stock Purchase Analysis” which help users to take decision during purchasing products for company from suppliers.

It is displaying sold products (from POS and Sales Order) and current stock level based on selected date duration and product categories. And creating purchase order according to quantity enter by user for selected supplier.

Odoo – Dynamic Product Label

Our new enhancement – It is possible to generate dynamic product label with barcode without changing module code. This module allows to generate product label with different types of barcode, dynamic page size and user define design.

Odoo 8 – Sales refund process with invoicing

This video shows how to refund sales with invoicing feature with voice.

Odoo V8 Point of Sale – Return products from POS (Video)

We have implemented feature to return product from pos (point of sale) in Odoo v8.

Click here to download from Odoo Apps

Odoo/OpenERP Point of Sale – Loyalty Management (Video)

Here is video that shows how Loyalty Management works in Odoo/OpenERP POS works in our developed module.

Create invoice from OpenERP 7.0 Point of Sale (POS)


OpenERP 7.0 Point of Sale with two new features are:
– Create invoice from POS Interface itself. Once Invoice is created, it will open pdf report immediately.
– Number of products available on hand i.e. Real Quantity.

OpenERP Point of Sale with Pricelist applied


Today we have come up with new feature implemented in OpenERP Point of Sale.
This video demonstrates following multiple features:

– Select Customer from Point of Sale
– Pricelist applied on products
– Customer address on POS receipt
Salesman selection per order


Customer Selection in OpenERP 7.0 Point of Sale (POS)

Following video provides demo for customer selection in OpenERP 7.0 POS.

Customer selection in OpenERP 6.1 Point of Sale