OpenERP Point of Sale: Load products having quantity

OpenERP Point of Sale works fine in online and offline both mode. But just because of making it possible working in offline mode, OpenERP loads all the products at once.

In routine business, we have found such cases in which there are thousands of products. So it takes so much time to load all products when we start Point of Sale instance first time.
Its fine if OpenERP loads all products and takes more time but actually OpenERP loads those products also which has quantity ZERO.

We have implemented a small feature to come out from this problem. In this module, OpenERP will load only those products whose quantity is more than ZERO.

OpenERP POS Products
OpenERP POS Products

Her in above screen, we can see, there are few products having quantity is greater than ZERO so when we start Point of Sale, it will display only products having quantity > 0.

OpenERP POS with quantity > 0
OpenERP POS with quantity > 0

This will decrease extra loading time which is not required if product quantity is ZERO.

OpenERP Sales – Point of Sale analysis report.

Inventory management is an important point for any business. It requires different reporting options to check sales occured during some time interval and also stock level for particular products. There are two approaches for sales activities: Sales and Point of Sale.

Many companies are doing sales activities from both ways. We have come up with solutions that user can see both activities on single click. In Reporting, we have added new report which fulfill your requirement.

We are providing options in terms of real business requirements.

Start Date / End Date: It will take first date of year in start date and current date in end date.
All Shop: It will execute on all shops configured in database. Users can select each shop individually also.
Only Total: It will include only summary (total) of shops selected.
Non Moving Stock: It will display only those products where there is no sales occured and we have products still in stock.


Once you will click on PRINT button, it will print report like this.



Sometimes we are interested to see only Total instead of detail. Select “Only Total” checkbox.



Image displayed below shows Report without any sales activity.


Sometimes it requires to export your data in CSV or Excel File instead of PDF report for further process.



OpenERP 7 Point of Sale : Enhancement in Pricelist

We have already developed one feature in OpenERP Point of Sale (POS) for pricelist.
Previous feature was only for single pricelist which we are applying to the customer.
But now we have made some enhancement in pricelist feature with Point of Sale, in which we can assign pricelist to product with sequence, minimum quantity.

Here is the pricelist we have created for a product.

OpenERP Pricelist
OpenERP Pricelist

Now we will enter that product from POS Interface which has no pricelist applied as its quantity is 1 and we can check its default price as per our pricelist rule.

OpenERP Default price
OpenERP Default price

Now we will change quantity from Numpad. So we can see that in our pricelist, if minimum quantity is 2 then discount will be -10 (Minus 10)

OpenERP Point of Sale : Pricelist applied
OpenERP Point of Sale : Pricelist applied

In below screen we can see that if minimum quantity is 4 then we are going to discount -20 (Minus 20). So total quantity and discount given per price is also mentioned.

OpenERP Point of Sale : Pricelist applied
OpenERP Point of Sale : Pricelist applied

So this way this feature works.
You can see the video also for the same development.