OpenERP Point of Sale, Delivery Order: Assign unique serial # for product

In our routine business, we might face situation like we may have to assign unique product serial number or production lot number during delivery of order, so we can track our products in case of returns or anything.

Here we have developed a module which takes care during delivery from warehouse and sale from Point of Sale (POS).

Here are the screens that shows how actually it works.

Below is the product form in which we can have option like, If Serial Number is required for this product or not during delivery.


Now we are selecting product for delivery without serial/production lot number and going to process from “Process Now” button in below screen.


But now we have to check that selected product’s serial is required or not. If it is required then OpenERP will not allow us to process without entering serial number.


Now we are going to assign serial number.


We can see in below screen, that product has been split into different quantity with assigned production lot number.


Now for remaining products, if we will try to assign same production lot number then it will raise an error message and it will not allow us to enter duplicate serial number.


So this is all about assigning serial number from delivery order.

We have developed feature to assign unique serial number during POS Sale. Lets go through following screens one by one.

Here is the screen in which we have multiple options to Assign Serial #, Clear Serial #, Select session wise customer.
In below screen we can see that selected product has 2 quantity and we are trying to assign serial number. This product will be checked in our product form as well that Serial Number is required or not during selling.


Once we assign serial number, product will be split by 1 quantity having serial number and remaining quantity without serial number will be as it is.


Now here the important point is, we are trying to assign same product, same serial number. So it will not allow us to do this, as serial number should be unique.


So we have assigned different serial number for same product having one quantity. And we have the receipt for same products.


Now, at last we can see that we have Production Lot in POS Order form and from here we can send it to invoice and can continue our normal business flow.


There may be any changes as per requirements that can be done in current developed module or new module.

Please find link for the video which shows how it works in POS.

How to change currency globally in OpenERP 7.0

Here we are discussing about a common currency problem which we are facing many times.

We are installing OpenERP, creating database and install modules as per your requirement. During this process we have to select currency which will be used in all our database calculations but let say if we forgot to select right one then it may affects in our daily calculations. By default, OpenERP configure ‘EUR’ currency for database and your company has different currency at that time this solution will work.


Let’s check into our database what is by default stored in OpenERP table.


Currency ID is stored in Pricelist Table.


In case if we want to change currency, we have to open company form and change it.



Once we save above form, we can execute query on pricelist table and we can see that there is no change.

We have developed a module to overcome from this problem.


After installing module, we can see there is an option into company form to change currency globally.


There are 2 values in option field: (1) Selected Company (2) All Companies


After executing this process, we can check that changes have been affected in our database also.


With the help of this solution, we can update currency in our database.

Download Link:

Configure OpenERP with NGINX and GUNICORN

NGINX (engine x) is an open source web server and a reverse proxy server for HTTP, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocols.

Gunicorn ‘Green Unicorn’ is a Python WSGI HTTP Server for UNIX.

Lets configure OpenERP with NGINX and GUNICORN.

To start with installing NGINX.

sudo apt-get install nginx

It is also running on default port 80.

Now lets install Gunicorn by following command.

sudo apt-get install gunicorn

Now we have to create Certificate and SSL Key.
It will asked user to input passphrase.


You can remove passphrase by performing following actions:


Now generate certificate and signed it.



Create site configuration file for NGINX.

Creating this symbolic link : /etc/nginx/sites-enabled

sudo ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/openerp /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/openerp

After that restart nginx:

sudo service nginx restart

Require changes for gunicorn. You can find file on this path : /server/


bind: OpenERP address with port
workers: No. of instance required to create

Now start OpenERP with Gunicorn.


You can see no. of process execution.


Now, you are able to access OpenERP with GUNICORN and NGINX.


Session wise Customer Selection in OpenERP 7 Point of Sale (POS)

Here is one important feature related to Customer selection in Point of Sale that we have implemented.
Lets check following process so it will give better idea.

Following screen allows us to select product as we normally do.


Below screen shows list of customers.


Our selected customer will be displayed on the top with time frame.


Now we are creating more sessions and selecting different customers for each session with different list of products.


Same thing for different customers and different list of products.


Now we will validate each order one by one so that we can have customer names in POS Order backend.



Here is the list of orders that we have created from POS Interface with different products and having different customers selected.


Here is the video link for the same feature:

Create Sales Order from OpenERP Point of Sale (POS)

Click here to download from Odoo Apps

Its been so long that we haven’t post any new blog. Here is one good OpenERP blog related to a feature in Point of Sale.

We have implemented a feature in OpenERP Point of Sale that will allow user to create a Sales Order directly from Point of Sale.

You can see in following screen, there are two buttons “Select Customer” and “Create Sales Order”.
For demo purpose, we have added few products in Order List on the left side.

Sales order button on POS

Now once we select customer, and click on “Create Sales Order” button, in the backend, Sales Order will be created in quotation and popup message will be raised with newly created Sales Order number.

Sales order created from OpenERP POS

Here is the created sales order visible in list view.

OpenERP Sales Order tree view

We can see the selected products from Point of Sale and total amount, customer here as well.

OpenERP Sales Order