Woocommerce Zoom Image

Support product variation zoom in and out.
Move cursor on product image and scroll in and out.

Woocommerce Zooom Image

Product gallery images LightBox popup slider.
Click on product image for open lightbox slider.

Woocommerce Zooom Image


Customer Android Application for Retail / Restaurant / Pharmacy / Spa & Salon

How to use

User can login with Odoo URL, username, password and Odoo version12 database.

Login Page

User can navigate between menus in application.


User’s list of orders will be displayed.

My Orders

Order details like products, price, discount, taxes and order amount will be displayed.

Order Details

Loyalty points earned by user will be displayed.

Earned Loyalty Points

Loyalty points redeemed by user will be displayed.

Redeemed Loyalty Points

User’s gift card will be displayed.

Gift Card

Gift card details will be displayed.
Used gift card details will be displayed.

Used Gift Card

Recharge details of gift card will be displayed.

Recharged Gift Card

Vouchers will be displayed.

Gift Voucher

Voucher details redeemed by user will be displayed.

Redeemed Gift Voucher

User’s wallet transaction details will be displayed.


Magento multiple wishlist


  • Create unlimited wishlist for easier control and tracking
  • Add product to wishlist via convenient popup
  • Flexibly manage wishlist with more functions(Create New Wishlist,
    Copy, Move, Delete).

How to Use

First go to the admin panel STORES –>Configuration –>ACESPRITECH–>Multiwishlist tab.and Enable module first and Save Config.


Go to Frontend and login first then click on “Multi Wishlist” Link , its display Default(My Wishlist)folder.
– Click on create wishlist button and adding multiple wishlist folder as u like.
– Also you Manage product in list like Remove,Move,Copy,Edit.

Multiple Wishlist Product Display

In product list page you can add product to your specific wishlist folder using click of add to wishlist icon.

Wishlist Button

Wishlist Popupbar

Also you can Edit / Delete Your wishlist folder easily.and also use can use our functiality of Add All To Cart and Update Wish List For adding Comment on Specific product.

Multiple Wishlist

Android POS V12

How to use

To Login in APP, Odoo v12 instance should be running.
User can Login in APP with his Odoo URL, Username, Password and Database.

Login Page

User can view List of Customers here.
User can switch Between Kanban and List view.
User can Create new Customer from Here.

Customers Page

User can view List of Products here.
User can switch Between Kanban and List view.
User can Create new Products from Here.


All POS Session will be Loaded Here. User can create, Open, Resume and Close the Session.
While Opening Session User can Enter Opening Balance.
While Closing Session User can Enter Session Balance.
User can view Balance details as well while Closing the Session.

Closing Balance


Here User can view orders created by him.

POS Orders

Here user can create order by selecting Customer, Products.
User can return products within same order. user can use Mobile camera to Scan Products.
User can give discount and taxes on Products as well.

Create New Order

User can view order Details on this page
This page is displaying many order related information Like Order ref, Order Date, Status, Session Customer and Product Details.
from this page User can Add Discount as well.
User can Print order details from this page as well.

Order Details

From this page User can Make Payment for the orders.
This page Displaying payment related information Like, Paid Amount, Total Amount , Remaining Amount.
User can Select Payment Method to make payment. Payment Methods are available based on Server configuration.
after successfull payment user can print Receipt using Bluetooth Printer.

Payment of Order

Active Session -Today’s Orders, Total Orders, Total Sales, Today’s Sales, Total Sold Products, Today’s Top staff, Top Hours Today, Average Customer spending, Average Customer visit

Pos Dashboard

POS Customer Order Screen

Let’s see the video

Click here to download the module

  • Send order to proxy device.
  • User can set properties of screen.
  • Customers can see their order on the screen with it’s status.


  • In module, “hw_customer_order_screen.zip”. Extract it and put it in order to
    receive data, you have to install on your proxy device. Proxy Device = POSBox

How to use

  • Configuration of customer screen.
  • Set proxy ip of devices.
  • You can set screen background,font family, spacing, slide interval, total order
    and screen type.
  • You can set height, width, color, font size and background color of order block
    and it’s title.
  • Select Whether you want to show order summary or details.

  • After setting configuration set url /point_of_sale/customer/screen.
POS First Order
POS First Order

  • Now set url /point_of_sale/customer/screen on browser.
  • This module will send order data to this url.
  • In order to receive data, you have to install hw_customer_order_screen module
    on your proxy device.
  • Below image shows orders when screen type is details.
POS Order Screen
POS Order Screen

  • Place second order and change state which effect will be shown in customer order screen.
  • POS Order 2
    POS Order 2

    POS Change State
    POS Change State

  • Here, order line color will be shown according to it’s state and order will blink when state is delivering.
  • POS Customer Screen
    POS Customer Screen

  • Below image shows orders when screen type is summary.
  • POS Order Summary
    POS Order Summary

    Odoo POS Customer Screen

    Click here to download the module

    Configuration of Customer Screen.

    Customer Display Configuration
    Customer Display Configuration

    POS Screen.

    POS Screen
    POS Screen

    Here we can see POS Customer Screen.

    POS Customer Screen
    POS Customer Screen

    WooCommerce Product Cost Price


    • By configure “Cost Of Goods” you can set cost for any product in store.
    • Cost price help to track profit reports.
    • We can use cost price in WooCommerce.
    • WooCommerce detailed Profit report.
    • Filter by
      • Profit by date
      • Profit by product
      • Profit by category
    • Details of profit for every product sold.

    Simple Product Cost Configuration
    You can add from the Product Edit screen where a new “Cost of Good” field is added in General tab for simple products and this should be product cost of good.

    WooCommerce Cost Price Product
    WooCommerce Cost Price Product

    You can add cost of good for each variation product.

    WooCommerce Cost Price Variation
    WooCommerce Cost Price Variation

    Product page display “Cost of Good” in column “Cost Price”.

    Cost Price Product Page
    Cost Price Product Page

    Profit report by Date
    See your net sales, cost price, profit, and average profit per order for any date range.

    WooCommerce Profit Report by Date
    WooCommerce Profit Report by Date

    Profit report by product
    Net sales for the selected item, total costs, total item profit, and total item purchases for the selected date range.

    WooCommerce Profit Report By Product
    WooCommerce Profit Report By Product

    Profit report by category
    See profit by product category. You can select one or more category for details.

    WooCommerce Profit Report by Category
    WooCommerce Profit Report by Category