Customer Feedback System for WordPress/WooCommerce

ASPL Feedback System Plugin will help you to get the genuine and valuable
feedback from your potential user. This will play a vital role in your business

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  • Admin can create multiple feedback template with bunches of
    questions and multiple answer for that question.
  • Admin can add feedback page link in the menu and anywhere
    in theme to customer feedback.
  • Admin is set to display template on the Feedback page.
  • Customer get multiple options to submit one question’s answer.
  • Admin can have types of feedback template: For Products and General.
  • Display feedback template and Customer Feedback lists in table view.
  • Send E-Mail to customer for feedback on purchase product.
  • Admin is setting to set the duration for sending Email and the
    limitation number of emails.
  • Admin can add view star rating option for the Question’s answer in feedback template.

Create a new Template.

Create New template

Update a Template.

Update Template

Template list for admin.

Template List for Admin

Add answer and configuration Question.

Add answer and Configuration Question

Feedback plugin setting page for send email or set

Feedback Plugin Setting Page

Customer Feedback List table for admin.

Customer Feedback List

Customer feedback details with multiple answer

Customer Feedback Details

Feedback Page for user side.

Feedback Page for user side.

Add new template with Product type.

Add New Template with Product

Android Customer Screen for Tablet

Android Customer Screen
Create New Customer
Customer Rating

Android Customer Screen Dark Theme

Odoo Customer Feedback System

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How to Use:-

In Feedback > Configuration > Template, configure the template..

Feedback Template Configuration

Into Template configure all the option with appropriate value like Name, Website configuration, Template type and Questions. When you Select the Single Page in Website Configuration then all the Question will come in one page.

Template Question Configuration

In Feedback > Configuration > Feedback Question, Configure the Question with appropriate value like Question, Template, Question type Normal or Widget, Answer Mode Single or Multiple, Question will Optional or Required and If you want to include the comment then enable the Include Comment option.

Feedback Question Configuration

In Website > Configuration, under the Customer Feedback, set the option for Feedback Template. Based on this configuration the Feedback Questions are display.

Website Configuration

Now Go into the website and Click on “Feedback” Menu to Give the Feedback.

General Feedback Website

Now Click on “Get Started” Button to start feedback.

Feedback Get started

When you click on Get Started Button Question will come which you configure into the Template.

When you select the Question type Normal and Answer Mode Single Question Will come with radio button and you will submit only one answer.

Question Website

When you select the Question type Widget Question Will come with Ratings.

Question Website 2

When you click on “Submit” button your feedback will submit.

Submit Feedback

After Submitting the feedback it will Store into the Feedback > Customer Feedback.

Store Submit Feedback

When you select the Template type as Product then feedback question will come based on Product.

Product Feedback Template

Configure the Mail template, Send mail after How many days of Customer Purchase the Product, Number of Mail that you want to Send and Interval and Cron will run everyday and send the mail to the customer based on your configuration and customer can give the feedback from mail.

Product Feedback Configuration

By clicking in Take the Survey button, Feedback will Started and after that same procedure will follow as General Feedback.

Customer Feedback Mail

Feedback Get started

Customer Product Feedback Answer

OpenERP SMS Enhancement

We have enhanced SMS functionality and made it easy and user friendly. We have made integration with
It includes following features :

  • SMS Log
  • SMS Template
  • User define Sender
OpenERP SMS Menu
OpenERP SMS Menu

First it requires to define user credentials.

OpenERP SMS Configuration
OpenERP SMS Configuration

We can define SMS sender easily which will be used during sending SMS.

SMS Sender
SMS Sender

We are giving facility for sending SMS from following forms.

  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • Sales Order
  • Invoice
  • Partner

During sending SMS, user can decide for log and template creation. And also user Template which are already stored in database.

Send SMS from OpenERP Lead
Send SMS from OpenERP Lead

Template will be stored into database according to login user and during sending SMS, it will display list of templates according to login user.

Template from Lead
Template from Lead

It is maintaining history of all information entered duriung sending SMS.


It is also displaying SMS log under Customer Histoty TAB.

OpenERP Customer History
OpenERP Customer History

OpenERP: Supplier Sales Report

We are discussing about business where company is getting products from suppliers, stores it in warehouse or any other locations, and selling of it. Sometimes it requires to inform supplier that how many daily sales occur for products and how much remain at the end of the day.

Some companies are not buying products from suppliers but keep it in their warehouses and selling on behalf of suppliers.

In intial state, we have define and assume that one product is supplied by one supplier only.

OpenERP Product Supplier
OpenERP Product Supplier

For sending email we have created email template which make it more generic.

OpenERP Email Template
OpenERP Email Template

And for automatic sending emails, we used cron jobs which makes work very easy.

OpenERP Schedular
OpenERP Schedular

It is possible that all supplier don’t require notification about products those sold today. We make it optional also.

OpenERP Supplier
OpenERP Supplier

Now going to make sales order where one product has supplier defined and require to get notification about sales.

OpenERP Sales Order
OpenERP Sales Order

And we have completed all process of delivery order also.

OpenERP Delivery Order
OpenERP Delivery Order

When cron job is going to execute, it is sending email like below:

OpenERP Email
OpenERP Email

You can find PDF report as a attachment.

OpenERP Report
OpenERP Report

Maintain log of Product sale price in OpenERP…

Assume that we are running our business in OpenERP and managing all our processes in good way. We are selling products to our customers and update product price according to market. When we have started our business, we were sell product X in 10 USD but now we are selling the same product in 50 USD. It shows that our business is going good way and also getting new customers.

But we have one big question in our mind is that how this price has been changed from 10 USD to 50 USD means at what time we have changed price of our product. We have no track for this change. Just to overcome from this situation we have implemented a solution.

After installing module, you will see “Product Rate” menu at this location : “Configuration/Products”

Now select product that you want to configure. We have just added some prices as per date.
Latest price is selected according to last date.

Now just open product form. You will see “Update” button besides Sale Price field. User can also enter price manually. Sale Price will update from configuration table after click on “Update” button.