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OpenERP SMS Enhancement

We have enhanced SMS functionality and made it easy and user friendly. We have made integration with
It includes following features :

  • SMS Log
  • SMS Template
  • User define Sender
OpenERP SMS Menu
OpenERP SMS Menu

First it requires to define user credentials.

OpenERP SMS Configuration
OpenERP SMS Configuration

We can define SMS sender easily which will be used during sending SMS.

SMS Sender
SMS Sender

We are giving facility for sending SMS from following forms.

  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • Sales Order
  • Invoice
  • Partner

During sending SMS, user can decide for log and template creation. And also user Template which are already stored in database.

Send SMS from OpenERP Lead
Send SMS from OpenERP Lead

Template will be stored into database according to login user and during sending SMS, it will display list of templates according to login user.

Template from Lead
Template from Lead

It is maintaining history of all information entered duriung sending SMS.


It is also displaying SMS log under Customer Histoty TAB.

OpenERP Customer History
OpenERP Customer History


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