Magento Product Label


  • You can add product Label as per your requirements.
  • Multiple product Label facility.
  • Easily add Product Label into Product during Add Product.
  • Using Positions you set product label as left,right,top and bottom in the product.

How To Use

First go to the ACES LABEL – Label Manager – Add New Label.

Label List Magento Admin

Than add Label data like Title,image,positions and status. And click on save to save label data.

Add Label Data Magento Admin

You can also Edit your Product label details in Label list page.

Label List Edit Magento Admin

Than you add product using Catalog –> Products –> New Product and add Product label using choose label name and click on save button.

Product Label Selection

And In last you can see your catalog category page and product details page and see your product label.

Product Detail
Product Image

Woocommerce Zoom Image

Support product variation zoom in and out.
Move cursor on product image and scroll in and out.

Woocommerce Zooom Image

Product gallery images LightBox popup slider.
Click on product image for open lightbox slider.

Woocommerce Zooom Image

WooCoomerce Mypurchase Analysis


  • This module help to know purchase analysis , product quantity with all orders with respective of price and total. simple as well as Variable products quantity analysis. Customer can also analyse products by particular year and categories.
  • Customer purchase analysis report in “My Account” section.
  • Report on all products in your orders and limit the report to only selected year.
  • Filter by years , products and category.
  • Report every single product in all orders with quantity.
  • Graph display payment method, category and product – quantity details in chart
  • Work with simple product and variable products.

My Purchase tab display purchase products with quantity.

My Purchase Screen

When click on product quantity that display selected product quantity and amount in different order.
Customer can view order information by clicking on “Order no”.

Product’s Order Details

Purchase analysis tab display year filter and display payment method , product and category details for selected year.
Also we can see graph by clicking “View Graphs”.

Purchase Analysis Screen

This pie chart display which different payment method customer used for pay order amount.

Payment Method Graph

Above chart represent category wise product count which customer was purchase.

Product Graph

This chart show products and their quantity which customer was purchase.

Product Quantity Graph

This is filter page for products.
Customer can select year and their category.

Product Filter Page
Product Filter Page

Purchase Analysis Graph View

Magento multiple wishlist


  • Create unlimited wishlist for easier control and tracking
  • Add product to wishlist via convenient popup
  • Flexibly manage wishlist with more functions(Create New Wishlist,
    Copy, Move, Delete).

How to Use

First go to the admin panel STORES –>Configuration –>ACESPRITECH–>Multiwishlist tab.and Enable module first and Save Config.


Go to Frontend and login first then click on “Multi Wishlist” Link , its display Default(My Wishlist)folder.
– Click on create wishlist button and adding multiple wishlist folder as u like.
– Also you Manage product in list like Remove,Move,Copy,Edit.

Multiple Wishlist Product Display

In product list page you can add product to your specific wishlist folder using click of add to wishlist icon.

Wishlist Button

Wishlist Popupbar

Also you can Edit / Delete Your wishlist folder easily.and also use can use our functiality of Add All To Cart and Update Wish List For adding Comment on Specific product.

Multiple Wishlist

Woocommerce-Xero Integration Plugin

How to use

  • Step 1: How to Generate a Private/Public Key pair
    Xero Developer Documentation provide details
  • Step 2 : Login to Xero for create Private Application
    Login to your Xero account at :
    After Login to Xero go to
    Select ‘My Apps’ tabs.
    Click on New App button.
    Under ‘Add new app’ select Private app then give ‘App name’ and select ‘Organization’.
    Publick Key: You have to upload your certificate file.
    Accept terms and conditions and Create App.
    We get “App Credentials” ‘Consumer Key’ and ‘Consumer Secret’.
  • Step 3 : Woocommerce configuration page setting
    Log into your wordpress site admin panel go to Xero Integration.
    Xero Setting : Add configuration details.

Integration process need to configure Consumer Key and Consumer Secret also upload certificate File path.

Woocommerce Xero Setting

Woocommerce to Xero product , customer and invoice synchronization.
Show history of last synchronization details.

Woocommerce to Xero Synchronization

Xero to Woocommerce product and customer synchronization.

Xero to Woocommerce Synchronization

In admin Woocommerce order details page add action ‘ Invoice sent to Xero’ for manually sent invoice to Xero.

Order Actions

In admin dashboard see synchronization history.

Woocommerce Xero Dashboard

WooCommerce Product Cost Price


  • By configure “Cost Of Goods” you can set cost for any product in store.
  • Cost price help to track profit reports.
  • We can use cost price in WooCommerce.
  • WooCommerce detailed Profit report.
  • Filter by
    • Profit by date
    • Profit by product
    • Profit by category
  • Details of profit for every product sold.

Simple Product Cost Configuration
You can add from the Product Edit screen where a new “Cost of Good” field is added in General tab for simple products and this should be product cost of good.

WooCommerce Cost Price Product
WooCommerce Cost Price Product

You can add cost of good for each variation product.

WooCommerce Cost Price Variation
WooCommerce Cost Price Variation

Product page display “Cost of Good” in column “Cost Price”.

Cost Price Product Page
Cost Price Product Page

Profit report by Date
See your net sales, cost price, profit, and average profit per order for any date range.

WooCommerce Profit Report by Date
WooCommerce Profit Report by Date

Profit report by product
Net sales for the selected item, total costs, total item profit, and total item purchases for the selected date range.

WooCommerce Profit Report By Product
WooCommerce Profit Report By Product

Profit report by category
See profit by product category. You can select one or more category for details.

WooCommerce Profit Report by Category
WooCommerce Profit Report by Category

Woocommerce Gift Product

– We can select product for gift from list of cart products.
– Make One or more group and add different delivery address.
– Edit or delete group products and group also.
– Gift wrap option for groups.
– Email notification to customer when order place.

Page that display after cart page when click on ‘Proceed to Gift Product’.


Select number of items from list and make group


Display list of saved group in Group section.


Customer can edit or delete group items and group also.


Wordpress -> admin menu -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> Product tab add gift wrap charges.


Gift Product details display admin side in order details page.