Customer Android Application for Retail / Restaurant / Pharmacy / Spa & Salon

How to use

User can login with Odoo URL, username, password and Odoo version12 database.

Login Page

User can navigate between menus in application.


User’s list of orders will be displayed.

My Orders

Order details like products, price, discount, taxes and order amount will be displayed.

Order Details

Loyalty points earned by user will be displayed.

Earned Loyalty Points

Loyalty points redeemed by user will be displayed.

Redeemed Loyalty Points

User’s gift card will be displayed.

Gift Card

Gift card details will be displayed.
Used gift card details will be displayed.

Used Gift Card

Recharge details of gift card will be displayed.

Recharged Gift Card

Vouchers will be displayed.

Gift Voucher

Voucher details redeemed by user will be displayed.

Redeemed Gift Voucher

User’s wallet transaction details will be displayed.


Magento multiple wishlist


  • Create unlimited wishlist for easier control and tracking
  • Add product to wishlist via convenient popup
  • Flexibly manage wishlist with more functions(Create New Wishlist,
    Copy, Move, Delete).

How to Use

First go to the admin panel STORES –>Configuration –>ACESPRITECH–>Multiwishlist tab.and Enable module first and Save Config.


Go to Frontend and login first then click on “Multi Wishlist” Link , its display Default(My Wishlist)folder.
– Click on create wishlist button and adding multiple wishlist folder as u like.
– Also you Manage product in list like Remove,Move,Copy,Edit.

Multiple Wishlist Product Display

In product list page you can add product to your specific wishlist folder using click of add to wishlist icon.

Wishlist Button

Wishlist Popupbar

Also you can Edit / Delete Your wishlist folder easily.and also use can use our functiality of Add All To Cart and Update Wish List For adding Comment on Specific product.

Multiple Wishlist

Woocommerce-Xero Integration Plugin

How to use

  • Step 1: How to Generate a Private/Public Key pair
    Xero Developer Documentation provide details
  • Step 2 : Login to Xero for create Private Application
    Login to your Xero account at :
    After Login to Xero go to
    Select ‘My Apps’ tabs.
    Click on New App button.
    Under ‘Add new app’ select Private app then give ‘App name’ and select ‘Organization’.
    Publick Key: You have to upload your certificate file.
    Accept terms and conditions and Create App.
    We get “App Credentials” ‘Consumer Key’ and ‘Consumer Secret’.
  • Step 3 : Woocommerce configuration page setting
    Log into your wordpress site admin panel go to Xero Integration.
    Xero Setting : Add configuration details.

Integration process need to configure Consumer Key and Consumer Secret also upload certificate File path.

Woocommerce Xero Setting

Woocommerce to Xero product , customer and invoice synchronization.
Show history of last synchronization details.

Woocommerce to Xero Synchronization

Xero to Woocommerce product and customer synchronization.

Xero to Woocommerce Synchronization

In admin Woocommerce order details page add action ‘ Invoice sent to Xero’ for manually sent invoice to Xero.

Order Actions

In admin dashboard see synchronization history.

Woocommerce Xero Dashboard

Odoo Employee Map Tracking APP in Android

This app is used to track employee using the GPS. Also we can track the Employee location

Using this page, Employee can login in the APP

User Login
User Login

This is the welcome screen for the Employee. It is also know as home screen of the App


Using this page, user can sign in odoo server, using his PIN Number. Also employee can manage their sign in and sign out process at odoo

Employee Sign In
Employee Sign In

Get Map

This page is displaying expanses of signed Employee. Also Employee can create, update and delete expanse from the App

Expanse List
Expanse List

This page is displaying tasks of signed Employee

Task List
Task List

Get Map

Employee can maintain his own time sheet

Time Sheet
Time Sheet

If we want to track the employee as per specific date. Then select the date and click on “VIEW MAP” button

Search Map
Search Map

Finally, get the result as per searched above. This page show the route of Employee

Get Map
Get Map

OpenERP: Calculate resource hours based on job position

In many industries it requires to distribute work between employees as per their skills and availability. Without proper management, we never know that how many total working hours in our company according to designation or job position and how many in use and pending.

OpenERP Job Position
OpenERP Job Position

Here we are linking job position with working time.

Job Position Worktime
Job Position Worktime

This is configuration detail of working time.

Working Time
Working Time

For our example, there are three employees related with Marketing job position.

OpenERP Employees
OpenERP Employees

Now we are going to create Project Task for marketing employee. Still now this task is not assigned to any particular employee. This way we have created 2 Tasks.

OpenERP Project Task
OpenERP Project Task

As you can see there is one approved leave request of employee who belongs to maketing designation.

OpenERP Leave Request
OpenERP Leave Request

We can see now how many hours available with us for particular job position between some periods. There are total 3 employees related with that job position.

Working hours for 1 person for 1 day is 9 hours. so it is 9 * 3 = 27 hours for 3 persons.
Allocated Hours means total task hours assigned to that job position. Holiday Hours in below screen considered as approved leave of any employee related with that job position.

Job Position Status
Job Position Status

You can create directly task for remaining hours for same job position on particular date.

Task Form Default Value
Task Form Default Value