POS Sales Dashboard

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  • This module allow to analyze pos sales details based on various aspect.
  • User friendly graphical as well tabular data representation.
  • User can easily get information about total number of orders, total sales
    amount,active/closed sessions at the very first view of dashboard.
  • Analysis based on payment methods.
  • User can check hourly sale as well month days sales and 12 month sales
    amount of pos orders.
  • Pie chart and tabular format of top 50 products of the day based on
    date range.
  • Analysis based Incomming customer type like customer is Exsting/New who
    purchased orders with us and how much order are created without customer
    means with guest customer.
  • POS sales data based on cashier how much order they created and how much
    amount of order they have sale.

How to use

For active this feature in point of sale, User need to enable this configuration
as shown in screenshot.

POS Configuration Sale Dashboard

After enable configuaration button will display, By click on this button user
can go to dashboard screen.

POS Dashboard Button
POS Payment Information
Today Hourly Sale
Current Month Sale
Yearly Sale
Top Fifty Products
Sales Based on Customer

Sales by Cashier


Odoo v10 Point of Sale: POS Graphs

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Click Open Graphs button to see graphs.

Odoo pos main screen
Odoo pos main screen

Point of sale graph module shows graphs of top customer, top product, top selling location etc…

User can also Filter by limit and duration..

POS Bar Chart
POS Bar Chart

Click on Pie Chart button to view Pie Chart.

POS Pie chart
POS Pie chart

Filter By Duration.

POS Duration Filter
POS Duration Filter

Filter By Data Limit (e.g. top 10 income by journal).
Also you can generate JPEG and PNG file.

Data Limit
Data Limit