Enhancement: OpenERP product quantities in different warehouses

Here we have done enhancement in our previous development that we made for product quantities in different warehouse.
Here is the link for Original Blog

Now, user can see only those warehouse which has quantity for particular product. There are 3 warehouses configured in database but only 2 warehouses have products available in stock.

OpenERP Product Warehouse
OpenERP Product Warehouse

During sales order creating process, we may want to decide that how many quantity can be sold from particular warehouse according to stock availability in our warehouses. So we have implemented easy solution for this. User can know available quantity as well as he can select warehouse also.

OpenERP Sales Order
OpenERP Sales Order

It’s not compulsory to assign warehouses for each line. In case of empty, it will consider default shop and user can continue his work smoothly.

OpenERP Sales Order
OpenERP Sales Order

User can perform same process for Purchase Order also which we can see in below screen.

OpenERP Purchase Order
OpenERP Purchase Order


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