OpenERP Web: Enhancement in Gantt Chart

OpenERP webclient has many useful features like calendar, gantt chart, graph view. But, all these features are made as a generic way.
Recently we have come up with a new enhancement in Gantt Chart.
OpenERP default Gantt Chart has some limitation. So we simply tried to provide more detailed view using third party library.

Following screen shows default OpenERP Gantt Chart.

OpenERP Default Gantt Chart
OpenERP Default Gantt Chart

We are trying to provide Day, Month, Year wise data display in Gantt Chart that you can see in below screen. Here we have screen which allows us to select View.

OpenERP Gantt Chart View Options
OpenERP Gantt Chart View Options

If we select Year as an option, then Gantt Chart will display Year wise data.

OpenERP Gantt Chart Year View
OpenERP Gantt Chart Year View

If we select Month as an option, then Gantt Chart will display Monthly data as displayed in the screen below.

OpenERP Gantt Chart Month View
OpenERP Gantt Chart Month View

– Zoom In, Zoom Out
– Create, Edit events
– Drag & Drop
– Assigned, Unassigned tasks

Download Link:

How to install new module in OpenERP 7.0 ?

As we all know that OpenERP 7.0 is near to release soon and all are waiting to use in their live business. We are trying to make people aware that how to install new module in this new version. We found some extra steps which are require to install new module which is different than OpenERP 6.1 version so just sharing with you all guys. We have created a Demo module and put that into addons directory.


Now as we can see, by default there are very less menus available at left sidebar and you won’t find ‘Update Module List’ which is there in OpenERP 6.1 by default.


Now lets do some small changes to see all other configuration options in left side menu list. First go to ‘Users’ menu and select ‘Administrator’ and click on ‘Edit’ button. Now change the value of ‘Administration’ field to Acess Rights and make Technical Features checkbox True. Now save record and reload again. It should display all other menus in the list. If you are not able to see all menus, you may have to re-login into the webclient.


After performing above steps, you can see all menus at left sidebar as shown in following screen.


Now according to older version, click on ‘Update Module List’ and follow the instructions.


Finally, you will get your new module in the list.



How to load different languages into OpenERP ?

As we all know that OpenERP is a multilingual ERP system.

We can add as many languages as we want. Each user may work with an interface in his own language.

This section explains how to load another language. Lets take an example of displaying into French language.

Just start your OpenERP, open your favourite browser and login into webclient.

Click on Setting Menu and as displayed in below image, you will find ‘Load an official translation’ from ‘Translations’ menu.

After clicking, a wizard will open which will allow us to select any language.

Load Language in OpenERP

Press the “Load” button and a process will be there. After completion of process below screen be displayed on your screen.

Here, your language has been loaded now. You have to select your language from “Preferences” from top.

OpenERP Preferences

Once you select your loaded language from the list, just save this form and you will find OpenERP environment in your language.

Its pretty simple…