Odoo V9 POS Reorder, Reprint

Click here to download from Odoo Apps

POS Reorder module allow user to view past pos orders, reorder the particular draft order and make a order as draft from POS. It is also possible to re-print receipt and view products of order from pos order list. There are some filter based on state, date of order and also searching functionality.

Here you can set configuration for order list in POS.
As per below image you can set start date that is used for display POS orders from start date to till date in order list.
Record per page is used to display number of records per page in order list.

POS Config
POS Config

Then create a button on home screen of pos as given in the below image.
Create another button on home screen to make a pos order as draft.

POS Buttons Scrren
POS Buttons Scrren

Now here is the list of past pos orders in tabular format.
On this orders table you can do filtration, re-print receipt, re-order the order, view products of order as given in the below image.

POS Order List
POS Order List

Here is the product popup that contains list of products of particular order.
Whenever you click on product icon it will show order details. You can also re-order from this popup.

POS Products Popup
POS Products Popup

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