OpenERP Point of Sale: Customer selection with Fiscal Position

Till now in OpenERP Point of Sale we have made many features like,
– Session wise customer selection
– Quick Create, Edit of customer
– Pricelist applied to customer
– Unique serial number on product
– Total discount on product
– User wise restriction on discount, qty.
– Create Sales Order from POS
– Create Invoice from POS
– Display real quantity of products
– Load only products if quantity is more than 0.
– POS Return (Return products from POS Interface – Recent development)

Recently we have developed new feature that applies Fiscal Position based on customer selection.

In below screen, we have created a fiscal position and replacement tax also.

OpenERP Fiscal Position
OpenERP Fiscal Position

Now in one product “2L Evian” we have selected that tax.

OpenERP Product Configuration
OpenERP Product Configuration

Now we will assign this Fiscal Position to particular customer. So once this customer is selected in order, it will apply on the products.

OpenERP Customer Form
OpenERP Customer Form

Now if we check this fiscal position applied on Sales Order, the we have following total and tax applied on order.

OpenERP Sales Order
OpenERP Sales Order

Again, in below screen if we take same customer and product in POS, then we will have same amount in the order line.

OpenERP Point of Sale
OpenERP Point of Sale

So this way Fiscal Position is working for OpenERP Point of Sale.

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