OpenERP 7 : Hotel Management

Hotel management module is already available in OpenERP 6.1. Now this module is available in OpenERP v7 with many extra features.

Following screen shows enhancement for Reservation process and unique identification for each reservation.

OpenERP Hotel Reservation Process
OpenERP Hotel Reservation Process

User can generate reservation report also.

OpenERP Hotel Reservation Report
OpenERP Hotel Reservation Report

Following screen will display Reservation link with one Folio even reserved more than one room.

OpenERP Hotel Folio
OpenERP Hotel Folio

Now user can perform more options from Resevation form.

OpenERP Hotel Folio State
OpenERP Hotel Folio State
OpenERP Hotel Reservation Invoice
OpenERP Hotel Reservation Invoice

There is a good feature which we like to show here is Availability of Rooms. If the room is not available then it will not be visible during room selection.

OpenERP Hotel Rooms
OpenERP Hotel Rooms

We have developed some views for Reservation – Kanban View

OpenERP Hotel View - Kanban
OpenERP Hotel View – Kanban

Reservation – Calendar View

OpenERP Hotel View - Calendar
OpenERP Hotel View – Calendar

User can check the Room Availability between given dates in case of advance booking is required.

OpenERP Hotel Room Availability
OpenERP Hotel Room Availability

7 thoughts on “OpenERP 7 : Hotel Management

  1. I am a bit thrown off by the labeling chosen fo the module. Some things like Pricelist, Shop, Ordering contact and shipping address seem very offtopic for a hotel reservation.
    I would think pricelist would be room, Shop would be Costumer or clerk, there wouldnt be any shipping address at all, but maybe costumer address.
    I see the rest of the screens have a more proper values.

  2. Reblogged this on Ideas, thoughts and Free Software and commented:
    This consulting from OpenERP produces great posts on modules and possibilities with the OpenERP platform. Living in a city primarily focused on hosteling services, this could be a great profile for verticals. Looking at it I noticed that some issues on the naming of some of the labels, specially [i]pricelist, shipping address and shop[/i].

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