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Odoo/OpenERP Android App – Display Product Variants, Stock

New feature for Odoo android application which will show product variants, stock information.

A product variant is a specific item that is grouped with related variants that together forms a product. Variants usually vary from each other in one or more properties. Each product variant is based on the same product definition. Example : Shirt is product with different attributes like color, size etc and create variants based on it.

In Odoo, user can define product template and their variants. We are making android application which display templates and their variants and stock of each variants for easy work.

All Products
All Products

You can search product template by using name or scanning barcode.

Search Product
Search Product

Once you will click on selected template, it will display complete information with variants.

Product Variants
Product Variants

User can check available and incoming qty of each variant of selected template also.

Product Stock
Product Stock



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